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To HedgeFan Team

What we are about.

This page is dedicated to the Spriters and Gamers of the Sonic genre. We hope to build the ultimate collection of recolored sprites and be a holder in the best Free Sonic Fan based games, made by the fans for the fans.

We hope that you able to find everything that you need over here and are able to have fun creating your own fan based sprite, pictures, or games. Also have fun talking and criticing each other's creations.

This place is monitored by 3 fun loving random admins, but if you break a rule we will be the first on the scene so remember this golden rule: Obey the rules, Obey the admins and your sure to have fun.

Other than that get creative and have fun. Remember this imagination is the greatest thing a human has ever created

~Memphis the Animator~ 

Fan service!!

This site also loves to see the artwork of the fan and thus so will have a new section set up just for the users to show off there art skills. It doesn't matter the skill level of the artwork but the passion that goes behind it. So we hope to see some great artwork.

Another new feature is the inclusion of Roleplaying with your own fursona so start setting your own Roleplays and just follow the rules on how to run one and you will have a great fan based adventure in no time!

~Memphis the Animator~

Here is just a little taste of what you can do to express yourself meet my Fursona Memphis the Shining Demonhog, now lets see what you guys can do!!!


A message from Gold

Hey guys! Thanks Memphis for spicing the site up a bit. SFW is kinda dieing so the team will try to keep up with you guys on here! Black out!'



Hello all I am almost complete with the new HedgeFan Team Logo all I need now from the users custom sprites so that I can add them into the picture as well.

Also up is the Wikia section and the Weebo live chat, don't forget to check out our new arcade as well.

Thats it for now so get your sprites set up and set them up in the Sprites and pictures section so that I can find it easily and put it on as a part of our new team Logo!!!

~Memphis the Animator~

Dessies Message

Yola! I'm a fellow Sonic fan just as you, whom is currently reading this!  Please remember to first, respect the Admins, and second, don't be afraid to ask questions, questions help you learn!


Mak's Message

Aloha dudes. It is I, the Great Makuta, and I have a message for you. Do not steal other peoples artwork and articles.

Ulti's Message

Hey peeps make sure ya respect you're admins and follow the rules. This will make you a good user. Have fun!